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Thursday, 10 October 2013 04:17

Tour Operator Shares Top Three People That Will Make Your Business More Successful

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Recently, I was invited to be a guest speaker for a webinar series about how to start a business in the travel industry. The moderator began our conversation by saying, “Anbritt, let’s not have you talk about the scary-scary, ok?” He was referring to some of the problems I’ve been through during my thirteen and a half years as a business owner. 


No one, including me, wants to scare people out of becoming a business owner. I love being an owner in the travel industry. But there is plenty to consider before you take that leap. 

Over the years, I’ve identified three key people you need in your business life in order to succeed. And even if you are already running your business and are “winging-it”, it’s not too late to find these three people and make your business more successful.

The Lawyer

The travel industry is very different than any other industry. We are moving people around the world and some of us are selling online to customers we will never meet. These are high liability businesses, and you need a lawyer on your team to set up contracts, sales terms, and also identify your top risks so you can seek out the proper insurance. You need to be willing to pay for these services now before your lawyer has to become more expensively involved later. 

The Accountant

In 2006, I was audited. Now that is the ultimate definition of “the scary-scary”. The fact is small businesses get audited more often than big business. This experience taught me that a good accountant is key to keeping yourself from being audited and is also key to defending yourself if you do get audited. Your accountant has to understand your sales cycle, your sources of revenue, and schedules of how all the money comes in and how it’s being spent.

The Bookkeeper

When you are just starting out, your volume will be low so you can do this one yourself, BUT you have to take the time to learn how to do your books correctly. In the beginning, I took private lessons with a Quickbooks Expert and learned how to use the program in my daily business life. When your business gets large enough to need a dedicated bookkeeper, you will still need to review and understand his or her work. I know some of you would like to let someone else worry about the numbers, but that’s not a good idea. The most important part of your business is the numbers.

I hope this advice can help you begin and grow your travel business into a rewarding part of your life. Don’t be afraid to spend the money to set your business up right. These three people are going to be the foundation of your business. Without them being solid, your entire venture could crumble in a second.

Written by: Anbritt Stengele, President/Founder of Sports Traveler. Look for an article featuring her in the next issue of Groups Today magazine! 

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