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Tuesday, 05 November 2013 07:34

Your Business 365

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When I was younger, I was a competitive figure skater. Between skates, blades, and costumes, I was always at Paul Tosone’s skate shop. Paul was a former pairs skater-turned coach who then decided to start his own business. He became a skating blade sharpener, sold boots, repaired equipment—you name it. The man was like a machine. I used to watch him sharpen a pair of skates while wearing his own skates, jump on the ice and teach a lesson, then come back in and fit someone into boots. He ran seven days a week, nearly 365 days a year at this pace. One day, while I was watching him sharpen my skates, Paul looked up at me and said, "Owning your own business is a bitch. Don't start one."


I didn't follow his advice at all. About ten years later, I decided to start my own businessSports Traveler. At the time, I was coaching skating six to seven days a week, was a college student, and also taught tennis. I thought I'd start a little travel website and run it in between running around to all my other jobs. Looking back on it now, it sounds ridiculous. Within a few months of starting my company, I realized I was Paul. And Paul was right.

I could see my business had potential for my future, but it needed a few more years to get it going. All my jobs overlapped into traditional business hours. I had to figure out a way to make my business grow and be completely wireless.

Eventually, I was able to turn Sports Traveler into my only focus, but those early years of business forced me to learn a lot about how to work efficiently from anywhere. In 2013, we all have the potential to operate and sell to consumers 24/7 and 365 days a year, but for some reason, many business owners aren't taking full advantage of this great opportunity.

Here are my best tips to help you grow your business into the 365-day-a-year money-maker that it can be.

1. Your website has to sell for you, even while you sleep. All or most of your products should be available to be purchased online. Even if you are an FIT business, display sample programs and allow interested visitors to submit their contact information. Invest in a system that can process your orders from any location, so when you are on tour or at a tradeshow, your business doesn’t miss a beat.

2. Google Drive is the greatest business management tool today. Access it on your phone, tablet, or computer, and it automatically saves your work. Store your Word documents, Excel reports, PowerPoint presentations, even your PDFs. Share your work with your staff members or your clients, and it’s all FREE!

3. Apps! I use Skype on all my devices to make international phone calls or to chat with my clients. If you text, then What'sApp is the perfect way to text internationally without fees. Hootsuite is the must-have social media app that allows you to schedule and post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn from one place. 

Written by: Anbritt Stengele, president/founder of Sports Traveler. Look for an article featuring her in the next issue of Groups Today magazine!

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