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Wednesday, 30 October 2013 00:00

We're Looking At You!

Pinterest is an ingenious social media platform that is perfect for destinations and attractions. As it continues to grow in popularity, more and more places are realizing that it really is a great way to showcase what they have to offer.

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Recently, I was invited to be a guest speaker for a webinar series about how to start a business in the travel industry. The moderator began our conversation by saying, “Anbritt, let’s not have you talk about the scary-scary, ok?” He was referring to some of the problems I’ve been through during my thirteen and a half years as a business owner. 

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The Snohomish County Tourism Bureau is currently undergoing a research process to identify Snohomish County's best "brand" position in the tourism marketplace. Partnering with the Tourism Bureau in this endeavor is North Star Destination Strategies, an expert in community branding with experience working with destinations such as Snohomish County all over the United States.  

According to North Star CEO Don McEachern, at the heart of Snohomish County's tourism brand will be the its competitive differentiator—what makes the community special to visitors so it can stand out in the marketplace. And one of the best places to find that figurative nugget of marketing gold is in the hearts and minds of the people who call Snohomish County home.

To achieve this goal, North Star developed a customized Online Communitywide Survey. The questionnaire has been carefully crafted to determine the county's strengths, challenges and opportunities as a destination.

The survey can be found at Snohomish County Tourism Community Survey

"We have partnered with more than 150 communities nationwide and I can't emphasize enough the importance of insights gleaned from community members," stressed McEachern. "To learn what makes a community special, you have to go to the people who spend more than just their money and time there. You have to go to the people who have their business there, and the people who spend their lives there."

If you are interested in learning more about Snohomish County's branding initiative, visit and click on "Rebranding". To learn more about North Star Destination Strategies, go to

Source: Amy Spain, Executive Director, Snohomish County Tourism Bureau

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The U.S. Travel Association and industry partners offered input on national strategy for travel and tourism in answer to President Barack Obama's call for comments and recommendations. Key elements for national strategy are laid out in a document that detailed objectives and tactics to promote and expand international and domestic travel as laid out in Executive Order 13597–Establishing Visa and Foreign Visitor Processing Goals.

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