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Wednesday, 24 July 2013 11:21

Making an Impression

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It’s a busy world, and getting busier. We’re connected—and then some. We want to make a good impression—pretty typically. We want to drive our business—always. But we don’t always remember that just because we don’t know a person doesn’t mean that he or she might not have an affect on what we’re selling or doing. A little “social graces” could go a long way, in any situation.

At a trade show earlier this year I was struck by the varying levels of enthusiasm shown by people at their booths, poised to offer information and strike up sales … or not. I was walking the aisles, getting a feel for the show and wondering if I’d bump into anyone I’d “met” through work, when I spotted an attraction I’d always thought seemed cool. It was in a city I was preparing to write about. It was quiet on the floor. The person at the table didn’t have any appointments seated or waiting. So, I said “Hello.” When the person glanced up, I mentioned that I’d always thought the attraction sounded like a neat experience, expecting some kind of information or a question in response. Instead, I was met with a lackluster, “Thanks. You should visit sometime,” as the person looked back down. 

The person had no idea who I was or where I was from or what I might be able to do for the attraction. I wrote about the city, as planned, but stuck to the well-rounded information a helpful and friendly source readily offered. Had the person at the booth shown even a glimmer of interest, that attraction might have been noted in print—where it could catch the attention of any number of group travel operators reading the article. 

It only takes a few seconds to be polite and present. It only takes a few seconds to make a poor impression. I may slip on occasion, but I try to remember that. 

Written by: Amy L Charles is the editor at Serendipity Media, LLC

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