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Thursday, 01 August 2013 09:29

A Recession-Proof Niche Market?

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Have you ever had to convince your boss that moving into a new niche market is worth it? What if you told your boss that the niche you’re interested in is recession-proof, has minimal cancellations, and has exceptionally high repeat business, and that travelers would be your active PR agents? Your boss would think you’re a regular genius, right?


Twenty four percent of travelers worldwide are students. Seventy-five percent of United States households report that their twelve- to eighteen-year-old child has traveled on a nonfamily trip in the last year. Finally, since 2002, average dollars spent on each student travel experience has increased more than forty percent. 

With these statistics, your interest in student business is piqued, isn’t it? The real question: Is it right for you? A supplier looking to move into this market or grow market share should consider a few things:

  • What could you offer students that might add to or extend their school experience through education, music, or athletics?
  • What do you offer that fills a need for the educator or tour operator?
  • What does your destination have that cannot be found anywhere else?
  • If you don’t have anything, how could you create something?
  • How could you set yourself apart?

The student market has a tremendous amount of potential and staying power. Parents today will sacrifice for their children to travel—and fundraising makes travel possible for students who can’t afford it. Think about it: Could the student market be right for you?

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