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Thursday, 29 August 2013 09:52

What’s ‘different’?

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Forgive me in advance the many questions here. But I’ve been wondering: What is “different”? What does is mean when someone says, “Let’s do something different,” or “Let’s go somewhere different,” or “That would be different.”? What makes something different? 


Have you done anything different this summer—anything truly different? Did you go somewhere you’ve never been, or do something you’ve never done? Did you find a restaurant you didn’t know about before, or eat something you’ve never eaten? If you went somewhere different, was it a place you could introduce to your clients? What made the place different? Was it the location? The attractions? The climate? The manner of getting there? The chaos or quiet? 

How do you explain “different” to others—your friends, family, co-workers, partners, clients? Are different experiences something you’re more likely to encourage current clients to enjoy, or a means of attracting a new (or yes, different) clientele? Do you seek out the different for your own gratification, or in hopes of finding a new interest for the curious? 

Do you find different experiences by accident, or do you head out intending or expecting something different? 

How do you define different?

Written by: Amy L Charles


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