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Wednesday, 24 July 2013 11:21

Making an Impression

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It’s a busy world, and getting busier. We’re connected—and then some. We want to make a good impression—pretty typically. We want to drive our business—always. But we don’t always remember that just because we don’t know a person doesn’t mean that he or she might not have an affect on what we’re selling or doing. A little “social graces” could go a long way, in any situation.
Wednesday, 17 July 2013 09:48

Too much to do, not enough time ...

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Lately, I find myself blaming my tight schedule for just about everything. When I double-book something, it’s because it’s not on my schedule. If I run late, it’s because a meeting wasn’t on my calendar long enough. Or if I miss a meeting, it’s because I didn't see it on my schedule in general. Does this sound familiar to you? 
Wednesday, 10 July 2013 09:32

Credibility and the Web

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People often talk about credibility and the Web. Sure, it’s important. None of us wants to embark on the great hunt for misinformation. But let’s talk about credibility and the WEBSITE. First impressions mean a lot in the working world. Easy access to information means a lot in the online world. Are you making it easy for potential clients and partners to find you and learn about your services? Are you giving people a reason to come back for more? 
Thursday, 27 June 2013 06:29

Vacation Brain.

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Have you ever noticed that a few days before vacation, your mind starts wandering? You start thinking about what to pack, what books you’re going to read, what kind of cocktails you’re going to be sipping on the beach …
Wednesday, 19 June 2013 05:19

Negotiating: Getting what YOU want!

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We all have those people in our lives who love to banter, argue, or negotiate their way to getting what they want, right? Recently, I attended a session called Negotiation: The Art of Getting What You Want Without Being a Bully or Caving In. Why did I attend? I think I’m a pretty decent negotiator, but honestly it’s not the thing I enjoy most doing. In fact, like many people, I get that pit in my stomach and want it to be over.
I recently attended a first-time event called Failure-Lab. The event featured six storytellers who each spent seven minutes on stage, talking about his or her particular failure. Each storyteller was followed by sixty seconds of silence, during which the audience was to reflect on what they’d heard, consider the lessons they learned from the storyteller or the failure, and jot down their thoughts in a booklet that had been waiting at their seat. The storytellers were a teacher, an artist, a protector, a graffiti artist, a mother, and a musician. The stories of their failures came straight from the heart.
Thursday, 06 June 2013 07:03

Don’t blog for the sake of blogging….

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It doesn’t really matter what marketing training or event you go to these days, creating a blog is often one of the most talked about ways to engage your client base. While I agree, I believe there are many things to consider before you commit to a blog and sometimes blogging may not make sense for you or your business.
Thursday, 30 May 2013 02:36

Wine & Canvas

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All of our meetings at Serendipity Media incorporate some sort of team-building event, and this year’s sales meeting was no exception. After a day of sales training and collaboration, the entire Serendipity team sat at long, paper-covered tables, with easels in front of us and wine glasses (or beer bottles) in our hands. The goal of the event was to exercise our creative minds and build camaraderie with our teammates. While we have a ton of creative people on staff, I can honestly say most of us are not “artists” as you might think of them.
Wednesday, 22 May 2013 09:21

7 Tips to Improve Your Social Networking

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Navigating the world of social media is overwhelming in and of itself. But looking at it for what it is really helps. Social media is simply the development of a community. Taking the right measures to maximize results in each channel is key to all of our businesses.
Wednesday, 15 May 2013 07:03

Practice Makes Perfect ...

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When I was a kid, my mother harped on me to “practice the piano.” Let’s face it: At that time, anything would have been better than sitting in our living room on a beautiful day tapping the ivory keys. As I grew older, I got better at playing the piano, but honestly, I still didn’t love practicing.
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