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Wednesday, 25 January 2012 11:39

Marketers Take Social Networking Seriously

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Those who have been in the business world for decades will remember a time before the Internet, its rise, and how it shifted into being an essential tool for any company. In the beginning, website designers were few and far between, and configuring a website seemed like something for a professional, not the average business owner.
Now that companies have had a significant web presence, the Internet and company websites are not so intimidating. However, there are significant gaps in the social networking world.

Social media has become just as important now as the Internet was for companies then, and true to form, some companies are regarding the branches of social media with little importance, just as the Internet was pushed to the back burner. But marketing professionals know that having a constant web presence in today's world means reaching out through social channels and adding emphasis to social networking.

Here are some things to avoid when getting your company up to speed on social networking:

  • Hire someone who knows how to use social networking for mass communications, and has the skills necessary to market your business over social networking channels. Just because someone has a Facebook or Twitter account does not qualify them to market with social media.
  • Set your sights high, and aim to increase your number of followers, Likes or connections by more than a handful each week. Set a goal of how many new contacts your business would like to acquire, and take steps to get there.

Using social networking properly can give your business an impressive boost in recognition and afford you thousands of new potential clients. But done wrong, not only will you waste your time, but it will stamp your business with a poor-quality aesthetic. To compete in today's market, utilize all networking tools available to you, especially social networking.

Source: Marsha Friedman.

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