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Wednesday, 08 February 2012 16:54

Crisis! Your Social Networking Response

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Social networking has a light and a dark side. If ever your fan page crosses over to the dark side, be prepared in how to best handle your crisis situation. One way to do so is to choose your battles when responding to social networking posts during a crisis. Examples that constitute a crisis situation may include negative comments, a local emergency, or highly opinionated posts. Although it may not be possible to respond in every crisis situation, there are ways to determine which will receive a reply. Follow this formula:

Social Influence + Intensity of Comment = Value of Responding.

The social influence is based on how far the commenter's voice reaches in the social networking world based on how many followers or friends/likes they have on Twitter and Facebook. This also takes into consideration the level of activity for the particular fan or follower. Do their friends respond to posts or Tweets? What is their social influence?

The intensity of the comment takes into account negative and positive wording. Neutral comments do not fall into this category, but highly spirited comments will influence feedback. If a comment is of high intensity, it will likely have more response from others who see it.

Determine your response, if any. If the social influence is high and the intensity of the comment is charged, the value of responding will be high. Plug the factors of each of these elements into the equation to determine if a response is worth your valuable time.

Source: Caroline Kim, Ambassador Advertising Agency

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