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Wednesday, 15 February 2012 12:18

Quick Tips for E-Mail Marketing Success

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When e-mail inboxes are flooded daily, don't let your marketing piece get swept into the current. Follow these tips to help your campaign come out on top.

  • Identify yourself. Include your name or your company's name in the "from" field so recipients will know the message is coming from someone credible. Avoid using nondescript or deceptive names that will red-flag the spam filter.
  • Make your subject-line punchy, but relevant. The name of your service can be included in the subject line, accompanied by a few words describing what the reader will find inside.
  • Include your mailing address. Although your marketing campaign letters are being delivered over the air waves, give recipients the physical mailing address of your business.
  • Give them an out. It is legally required that e-marketing campaigns include an opt-out option, and it's just good manners. Keep track of those who do opt out, and update your audience lists often. This way, your eNewsletter will be delivered to the right places.
  • Practice makes perfect. Send test e-mails to yourself and others in the office to proof read your campaign content, check the links, and make sure the formatting is correct over different browsers.

An e-mail marketing campaign can be a great success and save money for the company, when done correctly. When campaigns harbor mistakes, or fail to draw readers in, your marketing will struggle to stay afloat.

Source: Trade Press Media Group

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