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Wednesday, 29 February 2012 09:45

5 Ways to Turn Social Media into Social Business

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By now you know how to post on Facebook and shorten a link on Twitter, but are your company's social networking strategies doing justice to the work you put in, and the values of your company? Keep these things in mind the next time you post.

  1. “Social” is something you are, not something you do. Employees still need to focus on building relationships with clients. It isn't enough to have an eye-catching Facebook page or intriguing Tweets. Social networking cannot take the place of a handshake, or being there for your customers when they have questions, concerns, or needs. Engage your clients on social networking sites and over the phone or in person.
  2. Remain authentic in your blogs and social networking channels. You company has a set of core values, a mission statement, but are your blog posts reflecting it? Your readers will glean impressions of you and your company from your social media sites, so remain true to who you are, especially on the web.
  3. Care about your customers. This will translate into your day-to-day dealings with clients as well as onto your social networking channels. Using social networks doesn't automatically make your company social. It's merely a tool to help you express your care for clients. 
  4. In the same regard, create a team of employees who can exemplify a genuine concern for clients over multiple channels. Invest in your team more than technology. The number of Twitter followers you acquire means nothing if your team doesn't treat each one of them with respect. 
  5. Your clients know what they need, so listen to them. And in addition to hearing what your clients have to say, listen to what your competitors' clients are saying. Don't miss an opportunity because you're too busy talking. Social networking fits in here by engaging your clients online in discussion. Ask questions, reply to their comments, and take everything they say into account.

Enhancing your business with social networking won't happen overnight, but consistent, genuine use of social channels will entice your clients to become involved in the conversation, and by taking their opinions and needs in account, your company can better serve them.

Source: Olivier Blanchard

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