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Tuesday, 03 April 2012 16:35

How Well-Liked are You on Facebook?

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How do you determine the effectiveness of your marketing? If you're using social networking channels like Facebook, there are ways to track how well-liked your company is in cyberspace, and in the real world too.
Compare your page likes to your competitors. Likes are visible and easily tracked on Facebook. Go one step further and use to compare your stats with others in the industry.

A like is good, a "people talking about this" is better. It takes one click one time for someone to "Like" your page. But tracking the number of people talking about your page will give you a better idea of your company's recognition. "People talking about this" can be found below the "Like" count on your page. It tells you how many people interacted with your page in the last twenty-four hours.

Use Facebook Insights to see how well-received each of your posts is by your audience. It gives you a sense of how often people are engaging with your Facebook content, and allows you to measure what works and what does not on a weekly or monthly basis.

Your CTR is your Click Through Rate. How active are your Facebook fans? Find out with the CTR. Use a link shortener like when you share a link with fans so you can compare click-through rates and total traffic.

Tools like Radian6 and Vocus offer sentiment analysis for Facebook pages. By using these tools, you can track how many people are talking about your, your competitors, and you can gauge if the conversation is positive, negative, or neutral.

Using contests and promotions engages audiences over social channels. When you host events like this, you can track the number of entries you receive and see just who is interacting on your social channel.

Now that you're tracking audience engagement, determine what is best responded to, and focus on broadening your reach.

Source: Dave Kerpen

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