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Thursday, 12 April 2012 15:52

Use Social Media to Capture Audiences

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Getting picked up on social media channels can have a snowball effect of web chatter. First you're company is mentioned in an article which leads to a Tweet which leads to a reTweet which is then posted to Facebook and shared by a follower, before long your Facebook Insights are showing exponential growth. Social networking is the way of the marketing future, but just how can you keep your company on the bandwagon?

Connect your social network channels and keep your publicity consistent throughout your chosen social media sites. Most companies have one person writing and posting blogs, responding to comments, and making Twitter updates in order to build a client base for the company's sales people. At EMSI Public Relations, that person is Jeni Hinojosa.

"People who causally use social media may send a few Tweets, update their Facebook status and write a weekly blog post. They connect with people whose content they're interested in–family and friends, co-workers, fellow hobbyists, groups with shared interests and causes," Jeni says. "If you have serious goals, however, such as building an audience for marketing purposes, you need to do all of that and more."

Jeni suggests generating "third-party" conversations by commenting on blogs, websites and fan pages of people in similar industries. By doing so, she engages with them and with their audience and encourages traffic growth on her own company's website.

"As a result, (you can make) lots of new connections among the stations' listeners," Jeni says.

Source: Marsha Friedman

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