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Wednesday, 28 August 2013 04:03

Seven Super Effective Ways To Get More Leads

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Confused about what marketing to invest in? I don’t blame you. The marketing options out there are enough to make your head spin. Here’s a straight forward, plain speak list of some of my most proven marketing strategies that have got the biggest results for our private clients:

 1. Revamp your website so that it’s not just a pretty online brochure for your business–but an actual mini-marketing system that attracts new clients, pre-sells them on your services, and adds them to your marketing funnel. Hint: for maximum effectiveness your website should look nothing at all like your competitors. If it does, you’re making it very hard for your prospects to decide to do business with you, because you all look and sound alike.

 2. Send a direct mail campaign to targeted homes or businesses that fit your ideal client profile. Make it a multi-step campaign (to improve your response rate). Make a low barrier, irresistible offer with a deadline to respond by.

 3. Create an animated sales and promotional video about your business and write to your best clients asking if you can feature them in it (of course they will say yes and you’ll be able to get glowing testimonials from them). Then hand them a done-for-them campaign to make the video viral so they can send to their own clients, friends, and centers of influence. The viral campaign to their people makes them look terrific.

 4. Buy ads on Facebook, use some powerful, emotional laden copy that really connects with them and point them to a fan page with an irresistible offer in exchange for their email address.

 5. Invest in some ad space in a magazine read prolifically by your target market.  

 6. Network with other local business owners, or those who might not be your geographic market but who also service your target prospects. Create a strategic alliance and promote each others’ businesses. I’ve written extensively about this over the years and call it “piggy back marketing.” It’s one of the best and fastest ways to generate high quality leads for your business.

 7. Create four to six minute “how-to videos” and broadcast them virally with a list of all your keywords and add a link to your landing page in the description.

What strategies are you using to generate leads for your business? 

Adapted from: Written by Julie Guest, founder of The Client Stampede and author of The Only Business Book You'll Ever Need. 

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