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Tuesday, 09 August 2011 14:10

5 Tips to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

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As a group travel supplier, you’re always looking for ways to market your destination to bring in groups. Tony Rubleski, best selling author, has five great marketing tips.

1. People will always pay for value. There is no shortage of money. While, at first, that may seem strange, consider Tony’s example: the bottled water industry. In most developed countries, water is easily accessible. But because of great marketing, perception shifts and changes in lifestyles, countless numbers of people purchase bottled water every day when they can get as much FREE water as they want from a sink or drinking fountain.

So as you seek to improve your marketing, ask yourself this question: “What can we do within our business to increase a greater perceived value, not only to differentiate from the competition, but also to be able to charge premium prices?”

2. Uniqueness is a great marketing strategy. In order to really succeed, Tony says you have to become vital to your job, career and/or industry. There’s nothing more dangerous for a company than to put out average products and services. The companies and industries that aimed for mere mediocrity are feeling the consequences, while the linchpins are thriving.

3. The presentation is often just as important as the product. Someone’s enthusiasm about a product or service is often the clincher for someone to make a purchase. First impressions really are everything. Enthusiasm, coupled with an organized, professional-looking display, is a recipe for success in any industry.

4. Give people something to talk about. It’s as simple as that. Create a product that people can’t help but talk about. And add the customer service to match it. Advertising is great, but nothing gets people to buy a product with a great review by word of mouth.

5. Niche, niche, niche. Just like in real estate, it’s the golden rule. Always seek out and serve the best possible customers who will appreciate and pay for what you provide without the issues regarding your fee or prices.

Tony Rubleski is a bestselling author and president of Mind Capture Group. He helps businesses, sales professionals and entrepreneurs move beyond orginary marketing to a much higher level of bonding with clients. He has over ten years of experience in direct selling and advertising. Contact him at

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