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Monday, 07 January 2013 08:53

Make Word of Mouth Easy For Your Customers

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When the ticket seller handed me my lift ticket to Heavenly Mountain Resort on Thanksgiving morning, he suggested I log into EpicMix so I could track and share my activity on my social networks.

Of course, I did exactly as I was told while I rode up the gondola for my first run of the season. I easily downloaded the iPhone app (although it wasn’t required). I entered the unique code on my lift ticket, and, just like that, I am able to boast and spread the word about how much fun I’m having at Heavenly to all my friends.

Thursday, 03 January 2013 11:01

Increase Tourism Proactively

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New tourism initiatives coupled with favorable weather and increased online marketing make Atlantic City's Convention and Visitors Authority  (ACCVA) optimistic about group travel, despite climbing gas prices. The CVA collected statistics last month that prove a travel boom has descended upon the city.

Using digital media to promote the city and its attractions has a hand in the 300,000 unique page views of the CVA website; sixty-nine percent of the clicks were brand-new visitors to the page. A social media push added 18,000 "Likes" in April, and 738 people opted in for the CVA's eNewsletter. There were 3,810 online requests for visitor guides.

Thursday, 20 December 2012 08:24

Twitter Writing: Five Tips to Win in 140 Characters

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When marketers and social media gurus write posts like “Twenty Tips to Take Twitter to the Next Level and Leverage Social Media Shareability for Optimum Revenue Generating Virility,” it’s just ironically comical. So, to stay on point, here are five quick Twitter writing tips you can actually use and share. 

Just the facts, Jack. The fact is, long fluffy titles just don't work. The goal of your title is to say what the piece of content is and why people should consume it, all while leaving room for your Twitter followers to add their own commentary. On Twitter, any SEO lift comes from the title in your link, not in the tweet text, so you can always create a shorter, Twitter-friendly title.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012 10:52

What Marketers Could Learn From Farmers

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Marketing is a game of seasons and cycles. We deal with ups and downs, timing, and patience. It's a lot like farming, actually. Farmers have to deal with seasons, and so do you.

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