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Wednesday, 25 July 2012 07:49

Triple Tourism Referrals, Sales Without Spending Money

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Can you imagine if you could lower your marketing costs while increasing your sales? Profitable hospitality and tourism professionals know that staff training to enhance customer service and staff attitude is one of the best returns on investments you can make.

We are in a customer service/ hospitality industry and it shows up in your staff both on the job and in your remote travel marketing. If your staff is happy, excited, and a team player, their ability to represent and effectively promote your destination or tours goes way up. A great place to use happy motivated staff to promote and increase sales is in travel trade shows. Trade shows and public presentations are great opportunities for knowledgeable field staff to enthusiastically communicate face to face with prospective clients.

Phone sales present another opportunity to engage your staff effectively. Field staff know your product better then anyone, but not all staff is suited for phone sales. Use judgment for this important "gateway" position.

Your staff, regardless of whether they work in the field or not, are one of your most important assets. Make the investment of time to select the best candidates for the job, provide ongoing training and reviews, and create incentive programs to compensate your staff for their guide work, as well as for their ability to encourage returning clients and obtain new referrals. Outstanding customer service, combined with unique trips, great lodging, and enthusiastic, motivated staff, will assure continued and increasing business success for you and your business.

Train and role-play regularly. Make calls to your staff and simulate a variety of prospective calls: friendly, captious, or unsure prospects. How about existing clients? Can they be friendly or need assistance? Even occasionally angry? Be prepared to handle all calls professionally with service, your number one commitment.

Tim Warren is the author of Tourism Marketing Success and founder of Travel Business Strategies.

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