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Wednesday, 01 August 2012 09:22

The Charisma and Charm Necessary to be a Sales Champion

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Whether closing down business, asking someone on a date, or taking what you want in life by force, key personality traits are required to reign supreme. Sales is an attitude. It is a psychological tug-of-war, and, to come out on the winning end, you have to have a healthy stockpile of wits, charm, and swagger in your bag of tricks.

People often mistake or misuse aggression for assertiveness, arrogance for confidence, or boorish bullying for clever closing. A customer will not be strong-armed into making the decision you want them to make. In fact, it really all begins with realization that the sale itself is the customer's own decision. You can give them all the food for thought in the world, but your prime directive is making their fear of standing pat outweigh their fear of making a change. This is done by making them understand that they are missing out on something significant by doing nothing.

All of this said, a customer is not looking for status quo. Like a seasoned sales professional, they have seen it, done it, and lived it all–or so they think. This is why constant reinvention of yourself is paramount to survival and success; you have to become a true student of the selling game to master it. While a potential client cannot be steamrolled or taken by force, they are attracted to less-than-subtle gestures or personality traits that you want to exhibit and exude.

Confidence is number one. No one is going to instill any faith in someone with no confidence; be it in the product or in themselves. There are many people for whom this comes naturally. If being confident or portraying an aura of greatness does not come naturally, fake it. It is a must when it comes to breaking on through to the other side in the sales arena. In life, we often have to throw ourselves into daunting situations. Showing confidence in yourself and your product or service is infectious; your high level of belief will rub off on the customer.

Know that mistakes are not mistakes. They are experiences. Take the good out of literally everything you encounter. Every place and stretch of time has a rainy season, which is a necessary period of cleansing. Sure, the rain may inhibit activity but it nourishes the ground for what is to come. Your rainy season may be a slump where that sales "sun" refuses to shine but you must learn from each and every stumble across the path. Be able to look back on each sales visit or call and recognize the specific reason you fell short or what you could have or would have done differently. Quickly analyze those items, keep the learning material and discard the emotions attached to the defeat. Do not wear the losses (or wins, for that matter) on your sleeve. Move forward and apply your heightened sales strategy to that next potential customer.

Source: Carson V. Heady

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