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Thursday, 01 November 2012 13:17

Give Your Business a Sales Philosophy

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Building a sales philosophy for your company can help increase your business. Follow this recipe, and you'll back up your business with a little magic.

Believe in yourself and avoid self-loathing, says Bill Rice of By being positive and doing what it takes to pump yourself up, you'll portray importance to your potential clients.

Selling yourself is the platinum secret of sales, according to Rice.  "A sale only happens when a customer likes you," he says. "There are two very important parts to that equation and neither involve your company or a prospect's company. A sale is only about you selling a prospect on yourself and how high you can take them."

Provide your potential clients with substance by proving your expertise. When you know your product, industry and your client's business, you become the teacher. But carry yourself in a humble way. Become your client's solution and provide him or her with the facts, statistics, and background they need to make their decision, Rice says.

"Be able to take their challenges and break it down into understandable nuggets," he says.

Make your products or services easy for the client to buy. People are looking for creativity, so constantly provide them with new ideas and upgrades. Your clients will value you for this because you are making it easy for them to come back to you for more.

Maintaining a fresh prospective is founded in following up. Rice says you will propel your sales by keeping your relationships fresh.

"If you haven't called through your database of past clients this month, you are leaving opportunity on the table," he says.

Source: Bill Rice

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