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Wednesday, 18 September 2013 03:35

7 Travel Promotions Your Subscribers Will Remember

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When you think of traveling during the holidays, somehow the word “relaxing” doesn’t really come to mind. From stressed out families with crying children, to flight delays, TSA woes and limited food options onboard, air travel just isn’t what it used to be. As a travel marketer, there is little you can do about any of that, which begs the question, “what can I do to make sure my best customers enjoy their experience and keep coming back for more?”


Let’s start with the oldest trick in the book: Offering your members some discounts or special gifts when they book travel with you. This will always help you to leave a positive lasting impression with the people that matter most. We suggest sending these the day before or day of their trip so they’re top of mind and more likely to be used.

Here are a few ideas that could get you started:

 1. What’s worse than sitting and waiting for a delayed flight and not being connected to the online world? Send your subscribers a free Wi-Fi code to use while they wait, as well as during the flight. Or you could charge a small fee for an all-day Wi-Fi pass, which many customers will find well worth their money for longer flights.

 2. What if your member just reached a certain milestone in your loyalty program like Silver or Platinum? Why not send them a free upgrade so they can stretch out their legs a bit?

 3. If you really want to promote relaxation, why not send a spa certificate to your top one hundred spenders in a special holiday campaign?

 4. It’s not fun being hungry and only having peanuts or cookies to snack on. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a coupon to a restaurant located in your terminal? With segmentation, this is now possible, and a really great way of personalizing an e-mail.

 5. Another option is to work with your partners to offer special discounts to fun activities at their destination.

 6. Make sure your frequent travelers know about the TSA-Pre program, which will keep them updated on ways to get around long TSA lines and pat downs more quickly.

 7. Finally, subscribers that receive a free Starbucks card or other specialty coffee coupon in their e-mail confirmation will surely remember your sweet treat the next time they book travel.

Remember, you don’t want to send these offers to your entire list, but it’s better to create a segmentation of your highest revenue-generating subscribers to start. Another good segment would be those people who are celebrating birthdays during the time of travel. (This can easily be set up using a custom field to track their birthday and the information can be collected in your preference center.) With the stress travel typically brings, providing your customers with a special gift from you could easily turn things around and greatly increase that customer’s experience.

Make sure to test different segments and track the results of your campaign, this means not measuring opens and click rates, but conversions as well. Understanding how different actions affect your bottom line is crucial to identifying successful and unsuccessful campaigns. If you don’t have a lot of money budgeted, you can always start small and work with your partners to create deals as well. They will also benefit from the added publicity.

Remember that these people have already booked travel with you, so the prospect of you losing money on a campaign like this is already decreased. This doesn’t mean you should give away freebies to everyone on your list, but it does mean that you should show that you value your customers’ business in a way that makes them feel special and appreciated.

Do you have any ideas that have worked well in your marketing? Be sure to share them below! 


Written by: Agatha Niedzwiecki Director of Marketing, WhatCounts@agathamn

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