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Tuesday, 15 October 2013 05:30

What Do They Want From Us?

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The days are quickly passing and it's no lie that we're beginning to see a shift of Baby Boomers leaving the workforce only to be replaced by…the Next Gens. This shift is now requiring us figure out how to work with these up and coming young bucks in order to get them off the internet and on a trip to your destination.


Before we dive into Next Gens and travel, lets first define them. Next Gens consist of Generation X and Millennials (anyone between twenty and forty years old). Now me, I'm a Millennial with Gen X work ethics/values according to this quiz—my score was a 52. (I bet you weren't expecting a twenty something to be writing this did you?). According to Business Insider, Millennials are tech savvy, social media gurus who are regarded as enthusiastic about their jobs but aren't hard workers or great at being team players. Gen X's on the other hand are described as hard workers, great managers, revenue generators, adaptive problem-solvers who don't display great executive presence or ask for work promotions.

What does this mean for the travel industry?

It means that the Next Gens are the reason why we're seeing an influx use of tech/media in order to gain the traveler's attention. We're seeing museums changing their exhibits to allow for smartphone interaction, and we're seeing social media such as Pinterest and Instagram provide users a chance to become excited about the possibility of traveling to the places they look at and dream about online.  

It also means that for the travel planner, it's not enough to have a store front with great offerings anymore…they're now using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels as well as great looking and easily accessible websites in order to attract groups or individuals to plan a trip with them. 

Now what does this mean for you?

It means that you're going to need to climb out of the "dark age" and embrace technology. Whether you figure it out for yourself or hire someone who is my age to do all the tech stuff, it is now or never to build yourself as an online presence, and provide smartphone/tablet accessibilities to your destination/attraction because from now on, this is the only way your business will stay afloat.

The best way to attract a tour operator who is a Next Gen to your destination or attraction is to provide them with short, good content, lots of photos, and an easily accessible website that clearly shows what you offer for groups of all interests and sizes as well as individuals looking to escape for a while from the day-to-day life. 

To attract a traveler, you need to be willing to add some technology to keep them engaged with what could be considered a less-than-thrilling attraction or destination.

Although we're shifting our footing to accommodate the Next Gen's technology fetish, my challenge to your destination/attraction is to keep up with this shift but to also create a way for these Next Gens to look up and see the true beauty of what you have to offer.   

Do you know a group travel professional (tour operators, CVBs, attractions, hotels, etc.) who is under forty and is making an impact in their position and the market as a whole by approaching the industry with a fresh, progressive perspective? Groups Today Magazine wants to feature them in the next issue! If you know someone who fits this bill please nominate them here

Written by: Chelsea Stoskopf, editorial assistant and social media guru for Groups Today and Group Travel Supplier. 

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