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Friday, 25 October 2013 04:58

Four Things I Never Want to Hear

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It’s my job to research new selling techniques, dissect sales processes, and apply the techniques so our sales team can sell more, sell better, and sell faster. That means I can purchase tools and services for the team. And I get calls from vendors all the time. When a vendor calls, I use it as an opportunity to dissect their sales call techniques, looking for what works and what doesn’t.


I’ve sold in the past and I know what it’s like to pitch someone like me–it’s not pleasant. So I’m sharing tips on what I never want to hear on a sales call.

1. “We’ve been around for [insert number] years…”
I don’t care. At all. It’s like me telling you my age: it’s entirely irrelevant and a little awkward. Am I supposed to judge you based on how long you’ve been around?

What I want to know is how you’ll give me an edge over my competition–not the number of birthdays you celebrate.

2. “Our claim to fame is [insert vendor babble]…”
If you have to start with that statement, it completely deflates the impact of the differentiator. Why is it a “claim” and not a fact? Like an infomercial, it feels disingenuous.

I want to know something that makes me go, “OH! I didn’t know that and it sounds like that’s something I should know. Tell me more."

3. “Our platform is so flexible you can do anything with it…”
Sounds great, but what would I do with it? If you have a limited amount of time to bend my ear, don’t make me draw conclusions on my own, because inevitably my conclusion will be that I don’t need to buy anything. Provide me with some insight into why your flexibility is important to my specific business.

4. “We have [insert number] of customers…”
You know that saying “it’s not quantity but quality”? I don’t need to know how many customers you have. I need to know which customers like me are doing things with you better than how I’m doing them today. I want to benchmark myself against my peers.

If you’re cold (or warm) calling someone, I’d strongly recommend removing these phrases from your pitch. And I’m sure there are more like these out there–let’s hear yours! Comment below to share the things you wish to never hear on a sales call

By: Melissa Madian, Marketing Efficiency 

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